Valuemycar Market Valuation Report

Valuemycar is powered by advanced automotive technology to deliver precise and real-time pricing of every vehicle available on the internet in Australia.

Our data-driven tool collects automotive data from various sources to provide you with an up-to-date valuation of your car.

By utilising the same software used by some of Australia’s largest brands to value vehicles, we’re able to compare your car’s information with live online listings, giving you the most accurate car estimate possible. Get your free Valuation Certificate in just a matter of a few clicks.

Determining your car’s value

There are a number of factors which contribute to the market value of your car, and this is the data we use to create your free car valuation. While there are certainly other factors that determine the value of your vehicle, and of course exceptions to every rule, the following is a list of the major factors that play a part.


Unless you own a classic or vintage car, your car will lose value as it ages. Age is an important factor in determining value, if not the most important, with the value of a new car dropping significantly in the first few years of purchase and steadily declining each month thereafter.


Certain brands tend to retain more value, due to their reliability or specific features, creating higher demand. In the same vein, certain models of a car might stand out, due to popularity or exclusivity.


Another crucial factor in deciding the worth of your car is the odometer. The more kilometres your car has done, the less your car will be worth. Conversely, fewer kilometres translates to more value for prospective car buyers.


Some general wear and tear is to be expected from any used car, however, how well you’ve managed to look after your car will play a role in its value. A car covered in scratches and dents isn’t going to hold up well against a vehicle that’s in near-new condition, thus reducing the overall value.


Regular maintenance throughout the life of your vehicle and an up to date log book will affect your valuation for the better, whereas previous accidents and repairs may work against you when it comes to value.


Location, time of year, and popularity can all influence the perceived value of a car. If demand is greater than supply, your car will hold more value.